Treatment and Vet Consent Form

"The difference between

the 1st and 3rd session

was amazing"

Jo with Holly, Akeley

"I knew she was benefitting because she was enjoying her walks; she was much calmer"

Jo with Skyler, Akeley

The first session entails the following: -


  • A full gait & postural analysis

  • Superficial palpation

  • Consultation and discussion for medical history, active daily living, habits and behavioural traits

  • A 40-50 minute massage therapy session

  • A diagrammatic and verbal feedback

  • A home care plan and any recommendations


The first session will take about 90 minutes

Subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes and entail: - 

  • Owner feedback noting any changes, concerns etc

  • A 40-50 minute massage therapy session

  • Recommendations


There should be a visible improvement within 1 – 3 sessions and a maximum of 4 is recommended initially.  Some dogs will benefit from regular maintenance sessions to support orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.


After three sessions we will discuss next steps (if any) and a report will be produced and sent to your veterinary surgeon.


The cost of each session is £35.00

Kanedu Clinical Canine Massage in association with The Vet Centre (Maids Moreton & Cherry Lane) offer home visits within a 15 mile radius of Buckingham at no extra cost, after which a small fee may be charged for travel.  Treatment is also available at both surgeries by appointment only.


I acknowledge and respect the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 2015 and never work upon an animal without gaining prior veterinary approval; therefore I require a completed veterinary consent form prior to a massage therapy session.  I have full insurance cover with Balens.  Please click the 'Vet Consent Form' box (at the top of the page) to download and fill in, and then ask your veterinary surgeon to complete their section.   Please note that if your dog has not been seen by the veterinary surgeon within 6 – 12 months (vets discretion), they may require an examination to confirm state of health.